BYOP Workshop/Kitchen Cabinets - Bring Your Own Piece or 2 cabinet doors to the shop!! Use my materials and tools, and I will walk you through the process to a finished piece, or updating your kitchen!!

What we cover:

1. How to spot a good piece - What to look for in a quality piece, and where to find them.

2. What is Chalk Paint®? - How this amazing paint came into being, and why it's different from everything else!

3. Tools of the Trade - This is all about the brushes!! Their uses, and how to care for them.

4. Basic paint application - How to get the paint on the piece correctly! Old painting habits you'll need to break, etc.

5. Distressing - This isn't for everyone, but I'll cover the best methods and techniques as well as where distress looks best on furniture and decor. In the interest of time, distress will be restricted to edges only. If you're interested in heavier distress, please plan on making those adjustments to your piece at home.

6. Clear Wax - How to seal and protect Chalk Paint®. What tools are best, as well as tips and tricks.

7. Dark, Black, and White Waxes - Get the "Down and Dirty" on antiquing and adding patina with Annie Sloan's accent Waxes! Please plan on detail waxing during the workshop only. Heavy or all-over accent waxing can be demonstrated, but because we are limited on time, please plan on adding more wax to your piece at home.

8. Aftercare - How to care for and maintain your finished piece.


1.Bring a small piece furniture with a footprint NO LARGER than 24″x24", or two kitchen small kitchen cabinet doors -  (plant stand, small side table, foot stool, suitcase, or perhaps a cupboard door or drawer from a larger piece you'd like to paint at home.). We need to make sure there is enough room for everyone, so please be considerate. If you can’t carry the piece in by yourself, unassisted and in one trip, it’s TOO BIG. (See first picture above for reference. - We reserve the right to refuse pieces too large for completion in this workshop, and will reschedule the client for another date.)
2. Please bring a piece for interior use. - Hands on waxing is essential to a successful piece, and outdoor pieces are never sealed with wax.
3. Pieces that have slats, multiple spindles, or shutters take a lot time! - Try to avoid bringing them.
4. Choose ONE color from our fabulous 42 color choices! - Sorry, no custom color mixing or layering colors in this class!! (You can learn those techniques in our Intro to the Annie Sloan Method class. See below!) Please click HERE to view the Chalk Paint® color palette! 
5. Workshop fee is PER PERSON - (That means you can’t bring your BFF, Soulmate, Children, Mom, etc.)
6. No mirrors or glass - (We’ve had some "oops" moments in the shop!)

The fee for this class is $75, and pre-pay is required

Just bring your beautiful self and your SMALL (see above details) piece of furniture. You will be using our paint and supplies! Try to arrive 15 minutes early. It helps move things along if you have a color in mind, but we can help you if you’re undecided! Aprons are provided. Parking is in the back to the east of Urban Renewal. You can come in down the ramp and through the double doors, or you can park at Steamroller Copies and walk west down the sidewalk to the front entrance.

This is our most popular class and it fills up fast! Click Here ​to sign up, or you can drop by the shop!!

Saturday June 1st 11am-3pm Book Online

Saturday June22nd 11am-3pm Book Online

Saturday July 13th 11am-3pm Book Online

Classes are non-refundable but transferable (one time) to another date within 90 days if you can’t make it! ​​

Join me and learn how to use Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan as a dying medium to create decorative soft line items for your home! We'll be dying several fabric types, as well as using block stamps and stencils to create unique designs! We'll also be doing Japanese Shibori techniques that will add that Modern Boho Chic touch to your home! Book your seat today for this incredibly fun make-and-take Workshop!

Saturday, July 20th 11am-3pm Book Online

The fee for this workshop is $85, and pre-pay is required! 

*NEW!* Introducing Shibori and Fabric Dying with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!

Classes are non-refundable but transferable (one time) to another date within 90 days if you can’t make it! 

​*NEW!* Introducing Annie Sloan Detail Brush Techniques Workshop

​Give anything you're painting distinction by adding shapes and designs with Annie Sloan's new detail brushes! In this workshop, you'll learn how to use the brushes to create shapes to add botanical, geometric, and many other design to your furniture and home decor. The brushes are yours to keep at the end of the class! Book your spot today! 

The fee for this workshop is $75, and pre-pay is required! 

Classes are non-refundable but transferable (one time) to another date within 90 days if you can’t make it! 

 Introduction to the Annie Sloan Method - Faux Technique Workshop - Painting technique with an emphasis on wax finishing! There is no need to bring anything as mediums and trim boards are provided. 

What we cover:

1. Two-tone Distress - How to layer Chalk Paint® on a surface and reveal underlying colors!

2. Ultra Smooth Finish - How to achieve a modern, brush stroke free finish. 

3. Color Wash - This is the funnest one!! Layer colors over one another to achieve a stunning faux glazed appearance!

4. Rustic/Textured Finish - We use this technique to show how to create texture and dimension with Chalk Paint®.

5. Dry Brushing ​- Add soft dimension and texture!!

The fee for this workshop is $100, and pre-pay is required!

Click Here to sign up, or you can drop by the shop to enroll!​​

Saturday June 29th 11am-3pm Book Online

Saturday July 27th 11am-3pm Book Online

Classes are non-refundable but transferable (one time) to another date within 90 days if you can’t make it! ​​

Receive 10% off your entire purchase of Chalk Paint® when you attend any workshop!! (Day of the workshop only! Mini Project Packs excluded)

Ask about booking a private workshop!! Call the shop at 435-669-3733! Great for Birthdays and Bridal Showers!​