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Hello! And welcome to my site! My name is Jen, and I am a furniture and home decor restyler! Believe it or not I sort of fell into this purely on accident. I inherited my Grandfather's bedroom furniture when he passed away,  (King size headboard, dresser with attached mirror, and two matching nightstands.) and at the time was just grateful to have something that was sturdy and solid despite its old fashioned and lackluster appearance. After several years I grew tired of the "old and ugly" furniture in my bedroom, and set out to sell it so I could buy a fancy new modern set. Little did I know that this decision would change my life! I offered the entire set to a woman in my community whom I knew painted furniture for a living for a song... like $300 for the entire set. (I still count my lucky stars that she did not take Grandpa's furniture and run!) When I showed her a few photos of the set, she looked at me and stated quite plainly, "Are you on drugs? Let me paint it for you." That got me thinking. Could I really paint this antique furniture? Would that ruin it, or worse, cheapen it? Well it wasn't serving me the way it was, that was certain. Also, why on Earth would I pay someone to do what I was more than handy enough to do myself? It was settled, I started my research. 

I had already heard of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, but I had no idea how to use it much less where to get it. That's when I found my local stockist, and bought my very 1st quart, (Old White) brush (medium) and both the clear and dark waxes. That was in February 2014, and here I sit, years later having giving up a 15 year career in health care so I can turn unloved, out-of-date furniture and decor change into beautiful, useful works of art! 

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